Uncover your core and the story your product wants to tell

Who are you? What’s the core of your product? Writing has the power to reveal what’s been left unnoticed. If you allow to have an inner dialogue with your self, your true core will show. If you know who you are, you know what you want. If you’re clear about your wants you know what kind of product you want to release to the world.

Nobody cares about your product?

It’s because your story isn’t compelling enough. You need to craft a better story. Join my Story Creation Masterclass! In this free email course, I show you some examples of great landing pages, how to write effective sales copy with a convincing story and offer free consulting to you. Don’t miss the launch on Dec 7, 2019 (Sat). I look forward to greeting you in class :) I’m sorry, there’ll be no class this year and maybe even after. Read below why.

Something will change regarding the camp but I won’t actually pause it

London, UK, 29.05.2019 — In my last May news I said I’ll be pausing the camp because I want to focus on making money. Whilst it’s true that I won’t allow new students to enter the camp, you can join the waiting list anytime.

Combining with existing business

The camp needs to make economic sense, and I need to think strategically. I asked myself: „How does freewritecamp.org fit into the big picture of my business ventures?“ My answer: The camp serves as a lead magnet for copywriting clients. That’s the best answer I have and the reason to continue running it. In fact, starting in June, there’ll be a little surprise because I’ll start marketing the camp on one of the „hot“ social platforms these days.

Also, I’ll approach my existing students (yes, also you) and ask them for referrals. Getting my copywriting service and my premium consultancy off the ground will help the camp because well-paid jobs give me the funds to hire assistants or more teachers (not only myself).

There’s more that I can’t wrap my head around

I’m still hesitant to make a decision whether to make the camp a for-profit or nonprofit. I also sympathize with the idea of a Social Purpose Corporation as Purism does.

And I have an idea in terms of the monetization. The camp would still be for free but those who want a more convenient access to the learning material can pay. I’ll think it through more and then will let you know my final decision.

Running four startups (the camp itself, stolenvoice.com, studiolist.org, and copywriting.delivey) is not an easy task especially when all of them are in their early phase.

Despite my confused state of where to go and how to make the camp work, you can always join the waiting list.

Join the waiting list for the next Story Creation Masterclass

Shoot me a blank email with the email address you want me to add to the waiting list, the subject line I added for you already, and you’re done.

Sad news :(

Berlin, Germany, 01.05.2019 ‐ I’m sorry to say that I’m pausing the admission of new masterclass students for the 2019/2020 class - and maybe after. At the end of 2019, I will put the class and freewritecamp.org on hold because I have to focus on making money. With my current commitment towards freewritecamp.org - and also regarding the way I want to run it - it’s not possible for me to reach a sustainable revenue stream. freewritecamp.org is by its nature free (and will be). That’s why I’ll switch focus on two other startups:

Through client work I can make money immediately, and through the search engine I can generate revenue through commission. Having these funds I’ll be able to continue running freewritecamp.org as a pro-bono teacher.

There is hope

Maybe later I can dedicate more time towards the promotion of donating for freewritecamp.org. I’m still unsure whether the camp should be run as a for-profit company or a non-profit organization. Being a non-profit, like freecodecamp.org is, I would have benefits towards software discounts like Mail for Good which would allow me to send millions of emails as cheaply as possible. Also, being a nonprofit I would attract more people because people understand when something is free AND delivers value.

The camp is a plethora of educational pieces

Here at freewritecamp.org (or „the camp“), we’re bundling lots of ideas under one umbrella. The camp works decentralized. We consider the literal freewritecamp.org as the base from which you can navigate to all the important sub universes of the camp. They’re simply called tents. Every tent begins with a forward slash, e.g. /masterclass.

freewritecamp.org is:


Writing for commercial purposes has a special place at freewritecamp.org because the masterclass mentioned above includes copywriting as its integral part. I’m mentioning the masterclass because it’s the first tangible product out of the camp, and optimizing landing page has been the most practical service for masterclass students. Therefore, commercial or „conversional“ writing builds the current core of the camp.

My offer at the camp is currently the education of commercial writing and copywriting for product creators and small business owners so they improve the copy on their landing pages and increase their conversion.

There are many things (tools, apps, services) to create that can help your copywriting. I’ll address those at /commercial.

Some words on the obsession of racing restlessness and a joyful life

Besides all my sheer wrestling with work, taking action and rest, what you’re doing is not who you are. This is a misconception of the Western world. Who you are is who you are. Without the act of doing anything, only by being a good person, you are complete and fulfilled. Only when you swallow the poisonous pill (real identity only through hard labor) you believe you need to do something to receive the acknowledgment you’ve been longing for. You’re more than the fruits of your work. You are great, and I will show you to see it yourself. Uncover your true core and gain clarity. As a result, you will feel empowered to live a happier life and build better products.


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