Uncover your core and the story your product wants to tell

Who are you? What’s the core of your product? Writing has the power to reveal what’s been left unnoticed. If you allow to have an inner dialogue with your self, your true core will show. If you know who you are, you know what you want. If you’re clear about your wants you know what kind of product you want to release to the world.

Nobody cares about your product?

It’s because your story isn’t compelling enough. You need to craft a better story. Join my Story Creation Masterclass! In this free email course I show you some examples of great landing pages, how to write effective sales copy with a convincing story and offer you free consulting. Don’t miss the launch: Saturday, 1 December 2018. I look forward to see you.

Besides, what you’re doing is not who you are. This is a misconception of the Western world. Who you are is who you are. Without the act of doing anything, only by being a good person, you are complete and fulfilled. Only when you swallow the poisonous pill (real identity only through hard labor) you believe you need to do something to receive the acknowledgment you’ve been longing for. You’re more than the fruits of your work. You are great, and I will show you to see it yourself. Uncover your true core and gain clarity. As a result, you will feel empowered to live a happier life and build better products.

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