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Write an appealing story for your product’s landing page so you sell more of your great goods to your customers. I give you examples of excellent landing pages and explain why they convert.

Starting on Saturday, 7 December 2019 you will get an email from me once a week. I’m sorry, there’ll be no class this year and maybe even after. Read here why.

This is sort of an open relationship, you can bond with who else you want. I know you do and I’m not jealous. On the contrary, I appreciate your company and I always look forward to hearing from you. Let’s make your product more successful!


At the end of the 2017 class, I analyzed students’ landing pages and community friends who asked for an analysis as well.

Gustav Larsson, creator of said:

„Thank you for this analysis! It is really eye opening and I learned a lot.“

He added on Twitter:

Do you want to tell a better story on your landing page and make people care about your product/project/company? Join the story creation masterclass by @naii starting tomorrow, completely free of charge! He cares!

— Gustav Larsson (@gustavlrsn) November 30, 2018

Sam Shennan, creator of personalized gift artworks at wrote:

„Woah, I just read all this and it knocked me off my seat. I was blown away by how thorough you were with it, man! Thanks so much for being so honest and even giving me the feelings you had about different sections.“

Cory Miller, creator of acknowledged:

„This is such a great read and great feedback! Much of what I was hoping for is in there, which is good. […] This is a great rundown and very fair, well done :)“

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