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Because of products like the Story Creation Masterclass (SCM) and the Institute of Applied Identity Research (AIR).

SCM is an email-once-a-week masterclass where you learn to create a compelling sales story for your product in 12 weeks, and market your story in another 12 weeks. After a break in summer, you and I will review how the sales went and what could be improved in terms of your copy, pitch and content strategy. I show you great landing pages, how to write effective sales copy with a convincing story and offer free consulting.

At AIR, we research identities in theory and apply them in the real world. You learn how to find your true core (nucleus) in order to live a fulfilled and achieved life. AIR derived from freewritecamp.org as a formal work-in-progress institution. AIR was founded in November 2017 also to give the students at freewritecamp.org a place that sounds more official.

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